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    A scary joke

    Once upon a time was Adam.He was living with his family and he had lots of good friends.But when he went at the Highschool some kids who didn't like him wanted to make very very scared.One night when he went to sleep he heard somrthing strange.It was something like a ghost's voice.He wasn't  very scared and he 4:00 a.m. someone rang the bell of his house.He opened and it was noone.Five minutes later the bell rang again, now he was scared. he opened and the kids went in the house and Adam didn't understand it. They went into his room and they wear the blankets. He took the blankets and he saw them . He told them to get out and then he slept . When he woke up in the morning and went to school calm .'Everything's ok now!' said Adam, as he breathed a sigh of relief.




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    Correcting Code

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    1. sp=spelling mistake

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    6. V=missing word

    7. ?=Don’t understand

    8. Rephrase


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