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    This year's project is about:

    "Different kinds of music"

    Your project should be about the following:

    -How many kinds of music are there? Name them.

    -Write about each of them.

    -Where are they popular?

    -Write about musicians, singers or bands that represent each kind of music.

    -Which is your favourite kind of music and Why?

    You may include anything else that you find relevant(=σχετικό) to the topic as well as photos.

    The project should be ready

    by Wednesday 15th May 2012 but

    you should bring the text by 8th May 2012 so that I can help you correct it.

    You can work in pairs or in groups of three.

    The cardboard shouldn't be too big (around 50×60)

    If you need any other help you can always ask me! I'll be glad to help you!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

    Ms Machi-Ms Anna


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    Correcting Code

    Here is the correcting code

    for our writing class


    1. sp=spelling mistake

    2. ww=wrong word

    3. vt=verb tense

    4. vf=verb form

    5. wo=word order

    6. V=missing word

    7. ?=Don’t understand

    8. Rephrase


    Ms Machi