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    Α polite dialogue

    - Hello, could I have the menu please?

    - Oh, yes of  course! Here you are.

    - The restaurant has a good decoration and music!

    - Thank you Miss! Have you decided what  you would like to


    -Yes please! May I have some meat with white sauce?

    -Yes of course! Would you like something to drink?

    - Yes, I would like a glass of red wine.

    - O.K. Miss! Your order will be ready in 15 minutes!

    -Thank you!

    15 minutes later:

    -Your order and your bill! What do you think of the food? Is it


    -I think that I've made a very good decision. It's very delicious!

    -Oh, thank you! You're welcome to come again!

    - Of course!!!

    Stella, Zoe and Mihaella!!!


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