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    important subjects

    In my opinion one important subject is maths because if we go shopping we must know how to use money. The second reason to select the maths for the most important subject is to think with more logically. Finally, people use maths for their jobs.The second important subject is history because we must learn about the past and we must build a common national identity


    Important subjects

    In our opinion the two most important school subjects are Maths and History. Maths is important because we use it in every day life! For example we need it when we go to the supermarket. Another reason is that in lots of jobs maths is a necessary tool. In the end we need Maths in computers. History is an important school subject because we learn lots of things about countries and cultures!!!

    Stella, Zoe and Mihaella!!!!

    Important subjects

    The way we see it, first of all greek  is very important because we need it in every day life to speak to each other.
    Secondly,in our opinion we need geography  because we learn much about our planet and the other planets and about the ground of Earth.
         Theano and Anastasia


    Important subjects

    In our opinion the first important subject is Science  because you can explain the existence of people. Secondly you can explain natural phenomena.

    The second important subject is Mathematics  because from my point of view it can help people when they go shopping. Secondly it can help people when they are at their jobs.






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