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    I would describe

    I would describe my friend Zoe,as HAPPY because she always laughs.


    I would describe my friend Stella,as very honest because she always TELLS THE TRUTH without being afraid and she NEVER tells lies!!!!


         My best friend is Eleni.

         I know Eleni from first grade. I've known her for six years. She has long blond hair and brown eyes. She is thin and tall.

       She  likes playing tennis and watching movies. Also she likes reading books, going shopping and going for  walks with her friends. I remember one time when we were in a  balcony and we were singing.


    I would describe…..

    I would describe myself as irresponsible because  I forget my responsibilities all the time

    I would describe my best friend Maria as honest  and happy because she always smiles and she never tells lies.

    I would describe my dad as responsible and regular because he never forgets things and he can't bear the mess.

    I would describe my teacher as honest, patient and tolerant because she always tells the truth and because in the class she tolerates her students.

    Dimitra R.


    I would describe….

    I would describe myself, as honest because I always tell the truth without fear and I never tell lies!!!!!!


    I would describe my friend Zoe, as happy because she always comes to the English School with a big smile on her face and she always laughs!!!!!


    I would describe my sister Maria, as obedient because she always does all the things that our mum says!!!!!!!


    I would describe my teacher Miss Machi, as mature because she has learned to tolerate with our noises in the class!!!!!!!!



    I would describe…..

    I would  describe my teacher as honest because

    she  always tell the truth.

    Dimitra Pappa

    The teacher

    I would describe my teacher as an excellent person because she is polite, honest and reliable!!!!!!!!!!!



    cooldevilcryingenlightenednoyesheartbroken heartkissmail



    I would describe my teacher…

    I would describe my teacher as honest because she only tells  the truth.



    I would describe…

    I would describe my teacher as tolerant because she puts up with all her naughty students.









    I would describe my teacher…

    I would describe my teacher as patient because although we make noise in class she doesn't shout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I would describe…

    I would describe myself  as confident because if someone tells something bad for me I don't worry, I defend myself .

    I would describe my friends as funny because every time I am with them I feel very excited and I also feel that I can do many things with  my three lovely friends

    I would describe my mum as honest because she hates  liars and lies.



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