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    Give advice…

    a) Maybe you should tell this incident to your parents and they will come to school in order to speak to your teacher because what you have done is unfair to the other children!!!

    b) Why don't you tell your parents how you feel about this matter? You should tell your parents that this choice is wrong both for you and your friends!!!

    c) Have you tried to study more? It is a good idea for your problem because if you don't try more you won't do so well at school!!




    a) Your friend has copied on a test and got the best mark in class!

    She should tell this to the teacher!

    b) Your friend's parents don't let him/her go out with his/her friend!

    She should explain to her  parents that she is a teenager

    and has the right to meet his/her friends.

    c) Your friend isn't doing so well at school!

    She sould try more.



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    Correcting Code

    Here is the correcting code

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    1. sp=spelling mistake

    2. ww=wrong word

    3. vt=verb tense

    4. vf=verb form

    5. wo=word order

    6. V=missing word

    7. ?=Don’t understand

    8. Rephrase


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